Cart locks are tried and tested in many countries around the world with great success (Britain, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France, Italy, Germany, and Israel amongst them) many areas of Australia even mandate their use to combat the stray cart issue.   The USA is finally beginning to follow suit.  More and more cities are creating ordinances to deal with the issue of abandoned carts and we're here to help.   We offer this product in a variety of denominations ($.25, $1, $2 or foreign coin currencies). The USA has the presidential US $1 coin circulating now and it provides a great incentive to corral a cart rather than leaving it scattered around the parking lot. Even $.25 works and we have the research to prove it!  Customers are more environmentally conscious now and are eager to do their part . 

Kartlok will increase the aesthetic appeal of your parking areas, reduce your customers' parking lots worries and frustrations, reduce cart theft, and reduce the number of cart accidents in the parking lot.  Put simply this also means KARTLOK reduces the need to purchase replacement carts.  Kartlok will substantially reduce the number of staff hours you need to devote to rounding up carts in parking areas.  With all these savings, the Kartloks will pay for themselves many times over in a very short period.


The Kartcoin is the ‘coin for keeps' . It means your customers will never be caught without the necessary coin for their shopping cart again. The token easily detaches from the keyring and is inserted into the Kartlok in place of the coin. When the user returns the cart, they get their Kartcoin back, snap it on the keyring ready for the next use  


Here we provide helpful signs to show people how to use the Kartlok and Kartcoin system.  Step by step instructions, how to use with the correct coin, how to substitute the Kartcoin key fob for the right coin, how to properly park the carts in the corrals and how to retrieve their coin or Kartcoin when they are finished with their carts .

Designed using the international language of pictures, the signs also utilize both English and Spanish.  (Other languages are available upon request)

These signs are available in various sizes, and laminated ones are available to protect them from the weather for outdoor locations. We recommend these while you phase in the Kartlok system and to keep a few in place for new users.  The signs make usage instructions very clear to the consumer keeping any unwarranted frustration to an absolute minimum.


The next step in the system.  The Kartcorral system provides your customers with an easily identifiable place to return their shopping carts.  These corrals are usually located in evenly spaced areas throughout the parking lot to ensure convenience for all customers.The corrals keep the parking lot looking tidy and keep the carts organized so they are easy to retrieve to the store front for use.  They have the added benefit of protecting the carts from vehicular damage and in the case of the covered corrals, also provide protection from the elements.  All of these things help promote longer cart life.

When you see how customers dispose of their shopping carts presently, behind other customers cars, onto green spaces, over curbs, at bus stops, and in parks and canals it seems clear that any effort to make this easier for them is a step forward.

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