We provide installation of our product by trained personnel to ensure they are correctly aligned and fully functioning. Each Kartlok will be site tested with both the appropriate denomination coin and the Kartcoin before it is left for your use.

Kartlok installation can be scheduled during non peak hours to ensure minimal disruption to your staff and customers and is expected to be completed in one day depending on the number of carts in your fleet . Your carts can still be in use during the installation period.

We recommend our on-site support program for the initial transition to using the Kartlok and Kartcoin system . Our friendly team will come to your location, armed with dollar coins (or the denomination of the Kartlok you have chosen),   Kartcoin keyrings, promotional materials, posters and brochures. Our helpful staff will answer the questions from your customers, show them how to use the product, and promote sales of the Kartcoin keyring. You choose the time during this changeover that you think will be best for you, in 4-6 hour time slots – and we will arrive to get the job done. We'll even contact the local press if you like and see if we can't get some publicity out of the ‘green step forward' you are endeavouring to make.


We offer a full maintenance service for our Kartlok product performed by trained service personnel. We will travel to your location, remove, examine and clean each lock, service it where necessary, and replace any broken or damaged ones. If completed within 12-15 months of installation we will further extend your full parts and labour warranty for an additional 12 month term. Please contact us for more information.

We recommend day to day maintenance by your own staff in the form of regular visual inspections for tampering, debris, improper coin insertion or any other irregularity that could inhibit the proper use of the Kartlok. Remove these carts from circulation and contact our technical support team for assistance.

We also recommend rotating your cart stock to ensure even usage across the fleet. This will ensure the Kartloks wear at a more even rate reducing the need for replacements.


Our technical support telephone service is available 8am -7pm, 7 days a week. In the event of difficulty we will endeavour to talk your colleagues through the process of correcting any problem. Outside of these hours you can reach us by email, or voice message and we will return your call as soon as possible. In the unlikely case of an emergency we can dispatch service personnel within 24 hours*

* fee applies

All of our Kartlok products come with a comprehensive one year parts and labour Manufacturer's Warranty and our own personal commitment to quality service. During this time if any Kartlok fails during the course of normal use we will repair or replace them for you free of charge.

( Kartloks that are damaged due to vandalism or misuse will be replaced at a reduced cost from the initial purchase).

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