About Us

Customized Products

We can customize the Kartlok for your grocery carts or the Kartcoin with minimum order quantities.   This makes the  Kartcoin an ideal option for fundraising events.  

Who uses Us?

Local ordinances across the USA have begun to crack down on businesses that have issues with abandoned shopping carts. The Kartlok is the simplest, least expensive and most efficient method of keeping your carts on your own property.  Kartlok has some surprising uses from locking your carts to locking up tools, part of military equipment or locking up watering cans at your local community garden. We've had enquiries for all kinds of uses.  Some of our clients include: 

Amazon, 3M, The US Military, Entemanns, Tuesday Morning, Save a lot, Rapid City airport and the list goes on.  Warehouse trolleys, supermarket carriages, laundry carts, luggage carts, tools, equipment. Whatever you need locked up with the ability to monitor who's taking it,  we can help!

Customer Support

Installation is simple but in the event you need a little guidance we're here to help!