How to Use the Kartlok

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are they and how much can I save by using them?


Firstly, We base our pricing system on quantity and we have a few different versions of our locks so please call us for details.  

In terms of savings, each lock costs approximately 20% the cost of the average cart so for each cart not lost/stolen or damaged you could buy 5 Kartloks! 

There are also HUGE savings to be had in terms of labor costs. No more sending staff out every few minutes to collect carts. The customers do that job for you. 

Additionally, insurance companies may offer discounts for installing these as it helps keeps down vehicular damage claims. 

Finally, local ordinances are bearing down on shopping centers to keep their carts under control.  This is by far the cheapest and easiest solution to implement and yet very effective.

Do you have a solution for residential condos that supply carts for tenants to use?


Yes, we get this question a lot.  We suggest a slightly different version of our lock, one that uses our token system instead of an American coin to unlock them.  This way you sell tokens to your tenants, make a slight profit on the tokens which in turn pays for implementing the lock system for your trolleys.
Please ask us for more details.  This solution can work in a few different ways!

Is there a warranty?


Yes.  Our Kartloks are warranted for 10,000 uses or one year from date of purchase for all manufacturers defects.